3 Reasons Why Leaders Need to Enhance Their Digital Communication Skills

With the ability to inform, persuade, and empower, communication is a leader’s most powerful tool. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, and the world’s greatest leaders understand that effective leadership cannot exist without effective communication.

In today’s digital age, communication is constantly evolving and opening up new avenues for innovation and success. The rise of digital technology allows us to express ideas and deliver information faster than ever before. Using digital with purpose, leaders can amplify their presence and directly engage with a broader audience, keeping them informed on what matters most in real time.

Top 3 Reasons Why Leaders Need to Be Digitally Savvy

Let’s agree on something, the digital world is no longer just for the “kids”. To stay competitive, many organizations are redesigning their business models and going digital. To spearhead and execute these new strategies, a different type of leadership is required - a digital leader who can not only keep up with AI, e-commerce and data analytics, but a leader who also knows how to build connections and promote engagement. This may sound obvious, but it’s more than a posting on a channel or sharing a few tweets on a topic. It requires a well-crafted shift in communications approach.

Here are three reasons why digital communication skills are essential in leadership:

1. It facilitates meaningful engagement.

Remember when leadership was viewed like the Wizard of Oz? Most employees had virtually no opportunities to know leadership beyond what was communicated behind company doors. Today, expanding networks and making connections on a more personal level is expected of leaders. Developing and maintaining strong professional relationships requires consistent, personalized communication. This means interacting and starting conversations with your employees, clients and stakeholders via webinars, podcasts, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms.

The key to successful digital communication is creating opportunities that support genuine dialogue. Consumers today are looking for more than just a product or service. They want to believe in the brand and its mission. They want authentic stories and engagement from the leader.

As a leader, it’s crucial that you know how to bring your company’s story to life. This requires communicating it in a way that is both compelling and creates an authentic connection with your audience.

2. It shows that you are embracing new ways to engage employees and deliver value to customers.

The role of business today goes far beyond shareholder value. Top leaders from the Business Roundtable including chief executives from Apple and JP Morgan Chase, recently released a statement about the purpose of corporations. They believe businesses need to prioritize investment in employees and deliver value to customers.

Leaders set the precedent for embracing sustainable practices, fostering diversity, respecting employees and valuing customers. Digital communication is one of the most effective ways to accomplish all of the above. There are many different digital channels through which clients and customers can experience you and get in touch with you. To provide the best service and support, leaders should be actively engaging on these platforms. They should be highly “social”.

3. It promotes continuous learning and helps you keep up with the global market.

In our digitally innovative culture, it doesn’t take long for a communications strategy to become outdated – which makes it that much more important for leaders to stay abreast of the changing trends and know how they will impact their organization.

There will always be new ways to market your ideas, stories, and company. Staying up-to-date with the latest communication practices will help you stay competitive in the global market.

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Digital Communication Strategy?

Lead the narrative. The most visionary leaders are able to stay ahead of their competitors by anticipating trends and adapting to change accordingly. Along with being digitally-savvy, they also understand the power of storytelling to connect with audiences and make an impact. At Pioneering Collective, we provide personalized executive communication solutions to enhance your communication skills. Through expert story design, communications coaching, securing PR and speaking opportunities, or digital media management, we can create a strategy and action plan to support your goals.

Leaders understand this better than anyone, digital communication has changed the way we do business. Pioneering Collective simply navigates and tailors digital practices to elevate your vision and brand.

Pioneering Collective is a membership-based executive communications organization. We invite leaders to engage broadly, tell their authentic stories, and stretch beyond the status quo to connect and drive impact.

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